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Stencil Paris | 19cm

The stencil Paris has the classic lily pattern, which is extremely versatile in use. The stencil Paris looks equally attractive when used individually or as a border.
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Stencil Paris

The stylised lily of the stencil Paris is the emblem of one of the oldest noble families in Europe, the Bourbons. It represented many French kings and also other monarchs of Italy, Sicily and, to this day, the kings of Spain and Luxembourg. In heraldry, lilies are considered a symbol of innocence and purity. But we find that the sign of the lily, with its three stylised leaves held together with a "girdle", is simply of classical beauty. Not least because of this, this design was given the name of perhaps the most beautiful city in the world - Paris. If you conjure up a border on the wall with stencil Paris, you will bring a little of the nobility of old noble families into your home. A single stencil Paris motif can also be used to decorate a cupboard door or the back of a chair. No matter where it is used, the noble, timeless simplicity of the stencil Paris always sets a classic accent.

The use of stencil Paris on the wall

When applying patterns to the wall with stencils, it is very important to work in plumb. Even if you only want to apply a single motif to the wall, the stencil must be perfectly aligned horizontally and vertically. The best way to do this is to use a spirit level and draw thin lines on the wall with a soft pencil. They can be easily erased at the end. Especially with classic motifs like the stencil Paris, it can have a great effect if you choose the colour shade just one shade darker than the base colour. This makes the motif appear discreet and at the same time shadowy on the wall.

The use of stencil Paris on tiles in the bathroom

The noble motif of stencil Paris is also suitable if you want to emphasise individual tiles in the bathroom. you can print the motif directly onto the tile. Just make sure that the tiles are clean, dry and absolutely free of grease. It makes sense to wash them first with To Clean from MissPompadour. Then use one of our MissPomapdour Eggshell Varnishes. The colour is best dabbed vertically onto the stencil with a stencil brush. It is important to fill the brush with as little paint as possible. Otherwise the paint could run behind the stencil. Let the varnish dry well for 14 days, after that it is waterproof.