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IKEA Hack: From bread box to bedside table - Simple instructions & tips

5 min reading time

Are you in the mood for some creative handicrafts with which you can achieve a really sensational result? Then you'll find what you're looking for in this magazine, because apart from two IKEA Magasin bread boxes, some paint and accessories, you don't need much to create an elegant bedside table.
It's really easy to make a great side table with two bread bins and chic legs. Of course, the finishing touch is the perfect colour scheme.

Simple tutorial: IKEA Bread Bin Bedside Hack

First start with MissPompadour To Clean
Since the bread boxes will be painted later, they must be free of dust and grease. This way the paint will find a better hold.

Then glue the two bread boxes together with the undersides. The handles should be parallel to each other. It's best to use express wood glue, which dries within five minutes and holds perfectly. Perfectionists can get suitable bottoms cut to size at the DIY store and glue them into the bread boxes as well. But of course you can also do without.
The next step is to apply the colour. Combine two chic colour shades to achieve a particularly elegant result.
Tape off the area you want to paint in the second colour and then paint that part. It's best to apply the paint in two coats, letting it dry for about 5 hours between coats.
It is best to remove the tape while the paint is still wet.
Once you have painted the legs, you can screw them to the underside of your table.
Finally, place the assembled bread boxes on the screwed or glued legs. Now open the rolling doors by sliding them to the right or left.

IKEA Magasin as a stylish side table - for every style of furnishing

Now it's time to embellish: of course you can also hang the small cabinet on the wall. In that case, you don't need the legs. But if you want it to stand upright, it's time to choose the legs. In our example, we have chosen simple, compact legs.
But not only short, sturdy legs will fit. With filigree metal legs whose shape resembles a hairpin, your side table can immediately be placed in the Mid Century era of the last century. Depending on the choice of legs, the side table adapts to its surroundings and thus fits in with any interior style.
Finally, the most important thing: the colour scheme.
The side table looks particularly attractive if you contrast the top and bottom edges with the body. You can also paint the handles in a contrasting colour.

If you use the varnish quality Eggshell Varnish, you get a silky matt, elegant surface. The side table also looks particularly elegant in a matt finish. For this, choose the varnish Matt Varnish. You can give free rein to your creativity when choosing the colour shades
Professional tip: If you want to hang two bedside tables on the wall to the right and left of the bed, you can achieve a particularly refined effect by painting them tone in tone with the wall.

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With this simple IKEA hack, you've conjured up a really great result.
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