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To Paint - Fine Brush 100mm

The vegan To Paint with 100mm enables perfect painting without leaving any brush marks due to its large colour absorption and its extremely fine hairs. Due to its straight cut trim, the fine MissPompadour brush can also be used instead of a varnish roller.
  • Streak free result
  • Perfect for large areas
  • Vegan
  • Made in Germany
  • Wood from controlled cultivation


Content: 1 piece

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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Therefore To Paint

High quality - Made in Germany - Plastic bristles for even application - Sustainable - Vegan - Wood from controlled cultivation - Streak-free result

Created for your project

In the exclusive MissPompadour brushes you will find our collective experience. They are perfect for your painting project with all varnishes and wall paints from our shop.
The plastic bristles ensure streak-free painting, the stainless steel ferrule ensures long durability and thanks to the narrow handles, the brushes fit perfectly in your hand - even for fine work.

Simply sustainable

They're not just beautiful to look at - our brushes also make a big contribution to sustainability.
They are made of FSC-certified wood and have bristles made of plastic, which makes them a vegan product overall. The high quality also ensures that a brush can accompany you through many projects.
Last but not least, our brushes are handmade in Germany. This not only makes them particularly valuable, but also ensures a particularly short delivery route andCO2 emissions.
Whether you want to paint a door or a detailed piece of furniture - you will find our brushes in different designs and widths. Some of them are even so fine that you don' t even need to mask them for a clean stroke.

To Paint - Fine MissPompadour Brush - 100mm

To Paint - Brush - 100mm by MissPompadour is a real painting professional. Because it meets the highest standards of functionality and durability. First of all, the fine brush has a stable, stainless steel ferrule. Because the quality of the brush ferrule is essential for a good fixing of the hair. Because painting is no fun if the brush loses hair at regular intervals on the freshly painted surface. With this brush you can achieve such an even surface that a varnish roller becomes superfluous.

To Paint - Fine MissPompadour Brush 100mm the trim

Of course, the hair or bristles, the so-called trim, is the most important part of a good brush. Our brushes are made of Falbex synthetic hair, which makes them ideal vegan brushes. This trim is suitable for all types of paint, but is particularly good for all water-based paints. No matter if it is wall emulsion or chalk varnish. You can also use it for glazing. The soft synthetic hairs guarantee an extremely high paint absorption. And they are so fine that they leave no traces when applying the paint. So if you don't want the look of a brush at all, go for this flat brush. Because with it you will achieve a completely smooth, streak-free surface

To Paint, brushes that are environmentally friendly and made in Germany

The wooden handles of the MissPompadour brush are made of FSC-certified beech wood from controlled cultivation in Europe. They are light and lie well in the hand. By the way, the brush 100mm is made in Germany. The brushes can be cleaned wonderfully with warm water and a little of our handmade brush soap. Given the high quality of our brushes, it is well worth it. It really is a "brush for life". The 100mm wide brush is particularly suitable for larger surfaces. Because it leaves no brush marks, it can also be used instead of a camouflage roller. That is why this brush is the only one of the fine MissPompadour brushes that has a straight, not a bevelled edge. But we also offer To Paint in three other widths. These all have a bevelled trim: The 25mm wide brush is suitable for small work pieces or colour applications in different colours. The 50mm brush is a real all-rounder that can be used everywhere. And then we offer a 75mm brush. For very special work on hard-to-reach corners, the brush is also available as a 12mm angled brush with a 30cm handle.