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What shades of brown are there?

As with all colours, there is no one shade of brown. You can use different shades depending on the occasion and room. Whether you want to paint a warm brown that is reminiscent of milk chocolate , a sandy brown for your bathroom or a greyish brown to give your warmly lit living room a sophisticated look - our colour selection gives you all the options.

Which colours belong to the earth tones?

We associate brown with earth and nature. If you want to use brown wall paint and design your home in cosy earth tones, you can use light brown, sand, chocolate brown or even cinnamon brown for wall design.
Warm earth tones include ochre, orange-brown or beige tonesmixed with red or ochre .

There are also cool variants among the earth tones. These include cool sand colours and basically any brown with a predominance of grey.

What shades are there?

When youstart to explore the colour scheme of brown, you realise how complex this seemingly simple shade is.
Depending on whether more red and orange or blue and violet are addedto the brown , it can appear warmer or colder.
The brown colour scheme ranges from light brown shades such as ochre, through medium brown ( caramel or nougat) to deep, dark brown, reminiscent of dark chocolate.
In our colour selection, you will find soft, light browns such as Brown with Choc as well as light earth tones that tend towards beige, such as Soft Linen from Painting The Past.
If you are looking for a warm and homely brown that you can also use in the living room, our Brown with Terracotta is highly recommended for an accent wall.
If you prefer darker wall paints, the deep and reddish Brown with Dark Chocolate isa good choice. If you are really brave , you can findBrown with Black - a bit like soft black, but also a deep dark brown.
If you are looking for a wall paint in earth tones, takea look atLinen and Pebble from Painting The Past. These are cooler and can therefore be perfectly combined with aqua tones.

How does brown work as a wall paint?

The colour shade brown has a calming and grounding effect. As a colour from nature, brown has a relaxing effect and can be used anywhere. It conveys a sense of security and structure and is therefore very cosy. Thanks to its restraint, it is unobtrusive and remains in the background. As you can see, brown wall paint can be combined in many different ways.
However, the individual effect of brown depends very much on the predominant undertones. A brown-grey wall paint has a different effect than a wall in warm earth tones or an accent wall painted with dark brown chalk paint.
While warm brown tones convey a sense of security and reliability, cold brown tones can have a more sober effect.

Which rooms are earth tones particularly suitable for?

You can use earth tones in rooms where you want to create a cosy atmosphere. Retreat rooms are particularly suitable for this.
If you want to create a cosy feeling in a room, use one of the many earth tones. Brown works well in both living rooms and bedrooms. You can useour wall paints for wallpaper and woodchip wallpaper.

As brown is calming and therefore curbs your creativity, it should not be used in the office or hobby room.
Design a wall in the living room or bedroom with earthy tones - for example, a dark, soft brown such as Brown with Dark Chocolate on an accent wall behind the couch. You can design the other walls in a warm, light colour shade to round off the effect.
This is how you create an area for relaxation and rest.

Due to the cosy atmosphere that brown tones create, it is also worth considering designing the children's room in earthy tones. Brown chalk paints, such as Mocha or Calico from Painting the Past, are a good choice.
Brown varnishes are also perfect for the bathroom. By combining fresh aqua tones with earth tones on the tiles, you can conjure up your own personal oasis of well-being.
Use one of our velvety matt chalk paints in brown to slow down your entrance area.

Tips on the trend colours: chocolate brown, sand & co.

Precisely because earth tones are so universally applicable, it can be difficult to choose a specific colour. But we can reassure you - brown really is a universal colour!

Living styles and trends in earthy colour shadesn

Just like grey, earth tones can be used in a wide variety of living styles and are flexible living colours.
Whether you are decorating with cool, neutral colours in a boho style, prefer the Scandi style or are going for exotic furnishings in an oriental style - there are no limits to brown and earth tones thanks to their broad colour scheme.
Brown is even suitable for eclectic living styles: simply use an intense colour shade such as Orange with Rust or Brown with Terracotta.
Paint brown with wall paint to have a universal colour for your interior design style.

Which colours go with earth tones?

Basically, all colours go well with earth tones. Inparticular, other natural colours can be perfectly combined with it.
Combine the wall painted Brown with Nougat with Green with Sage to create a cosy, natural atmosphere.
Warm earth tones such as Brown with Dark Chocolate can be complemented in particular by colours with a touch of red. Freshen up a chest of drawers with the brown tone and paint the wall behind it in Rose with Brown - you're sure to createan elegant effect.
Fresh turquoise and aqua tones also create a special radiance when combined with earth tones. If the lower tiled area in the bathroom is painted with the cosy Brown with Nougat, use Green with Jade on the upper tiles for the perfect holiday feeling. Round off your oasis with a clear white such as White with Character on the ceiling.
Use a warm earth tone, such as Brown with Terracotta, on one wall and combine it with a light yellow to create a room atmosphere reminiscent of a sunny day. Alternatively, paint with a warm, light green to emphasise the brown.
Clear white tones are also suitable as a combination. This will prevent it from looking "dirty".
Other spice and taupe colours are also ideal. If you stick to natural colour shades in your combinations, you are definitely on the right track.

What can I combine earth tones with?

You can also stick to natural colours when decorating. Wood and natural fabrics such as linen and cashmere, or even cotton, create a successful atmosphere in combination.
Metallic tones such as brass and gold achieve a very exciting and elegant effect with the various earth tones.
Also use green plants to create interesting accents.
You can lay a sage green carpet on your floor to create a well-rounded overall impression. Combined with picture frames in light-coloured wood or deep gold as an accent, you can also create an ideal wall design.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour?

At MissPompadour, you can find earth tones in a wide variety of designs. Whether you want to beautify your walls, your furniture or your old bathroom tiles - we have varnishes and chalk paints for every occasion.

wall paints in earth tones

Choose between the velvety matt chalk paintsfrom Painting The Past and the sustainable and robust wall paints from MissPompadour. No matter which of the soft earth tones you ultimately choose - you'll be delighted with the result!
If youwant a washable version for the hallway, simply choose The Functional Wall Paint from MissPompadour.
As you can see, we offer you wall paint brown in all possible variations.

varnishes in earth tones

Fortunately, it's not just walls you can beautify!
Our furniture and tile paints in brown tones also give you the opportunity to freshen up that beloved heirloom or old-fashioned kitchen tile.
Here you can choose between different gloss levels.


Whether you want to paint your furniture in a matt varnish to maintain the natural and understated look or bring it to the fore with a glossy varnish - our earth tones also give you all the options. Of course, there is also the semi-gloss varnish, which is very popular for a more neutral effect.

When selecting the different qualities, please note that the matt varnishes are more suitable for furniture that is not subject to much wear and tear. The semi-gloss furniture and chalk varnish, on the other hand, can also be applied to tiles, kitchen furniture and regularly used furnishings. The same applies to the gloss varnish.

Order wall and chalk paint in brown & earth tones online at MissPompadour

Once you have chosen your favourite shade from the earth tones, simply order it to your home. We ship them within a few days with DHL GoGreen so that you can use the sustainable wall paints and velvety matt chalk paints as quickly as possible. If you need help choosing the right colour shade or the most suitable quality, our free customer advice service is of course there for you.