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What shades of black are there?

Even if it's hard to believe, there are different shades and undertones of black. Depending on the intensity of the black colour shade, various other colours can be mixed in.

What shades are there?

Black wall paint comes in different colours.
The deep black that first comes to mind is a cool colour shade. Black with Black from MissPompadour is one of the pure black shades.
Brown with Black is slightly warmer and cosier.
MissPompadour also offers blue-black, which is a slightly lighter colour shade that reveals a blue shimmer under certain lighting conditions. Typical examples of this colour shade are Blue with Black and Blue with Ink from MissPompadour.
The same applies to green, as this also forms an interesting colour when mixed with Black, which changes depending on the light and appears subliminally green. The Green with Black from MissPompadour belongs to this colour nuance.
If you prefer an even lighter and softer colour, choose anthracite instead. This is a very lightened black - depending on how you look at it, it can also be considered a dark grey. Black with slate or grey with black from MissPompadour is the right choice here. If you prefer a soft black with a small amount of grey, the colour shade Black with Velvet from MissPompadour might be your favourite. This colour has a subtle purple shimmer in the right light.

How does a black wall look?

At first, the thought of a black wall can seem gloomy. But black wall paint can have a really great effect, depending on the room concept. Decorate your black wall with golden objects, for example, to brighten up the wall and create a sophisticated effect.

Which rooms is black suitable for?

Black wall paint is recommended for individual walls rather than entire rooms, as the room can otherwise quickly appear too dark.
Black wall paint works particularly well as an accent in the following rooms:
  • in the living room, for example behind the couch
  • as a special wall in a teenager's room
  • in the bedroom, behind the bed decorated with lamps or fairy lights
  • as a spice wall in the kitchen
If you paint a wall in the living room in Black with Velvet, for example, you can create a sophisticated atmosphere with the right accessories. Golden and coloured accents are shown to their best advantage. Use black wall paint in the living room to accentuate picture frames and works of art on your walls. Galleries are often painted in dark, neutral colours for a reason. But a black wall is also almost a must-have for fans of industrial chic.
With the right decoration, black wall paint also looks stylish and elegant in the bedroom. Paint the rest of the walls in a warm cream colour as a contrast to the accent wall to feel really cosy
Black walls are also often favoured in teenage bedrooms. These initial signs of rebellion may be off-putting for parents at first, but don't worry, if you use the black accent wall correctly, it won't just please your child. If another colour becomes a favourite later on, you can paint over the black wall paint
Black is a great furniture colour in the kitchen, as black-painted kitchen cabinets look modern and very elegant. However, black wall paint in the kitchen also creates an unusual and elegant effect on the walls
With a black-black guest WC, you definitely make a statement and create a stylish atmosphere. Silky matt black varnishes bring fashionable elegance to the small room without being constricting. Especially if you paint your plastered walls in petrol to match the black painted tiles .

Black is Beautiful: tips on the trend colour black

Black is no longer a niche colour. Instead, black wall paint is used particularly in modern interiors and as an accent colour for individual walls. You can achieve an elegant, fresh effect with the silk matt varnishes in particular. Black varnishes on your furniture give your room a special grace

Living styles and trends in shades of black

Black can be found in its various shades in many living styles. Black is indispensable in the modern style, which is characterised by straight lines and restrained, rather achromatic colours. Black also plays a leading role in the industrial style, which is inspired by factory halls and lofts - whether as a single element, such as a table frame, or as wall paint. In the playful whimsical style, a black wall can provide the perfect backdrop for all the golden, glittering and fairytale elements. In the glamour style, too, black provides an ideal base for extravagant metallic shine and glamorous velvet elements.

Which colour shades go well with black?

As black is a neutral colour, you can combine it with almost anything. If you like it purist or minimalist, combine it with grey and beige tones. If you prefer bold colours, place furniture painted in petrol, dark green, burgundy or mustard yellow in front of the black wall. If you like it luxurious and classy, add golden accents.
But you can also paint almost tone-on-tone with black. Paintyour walls in a warm, light grey wall paint and use a pure black as an accent colour. A piece of furniture painted black also looks very elegant against a grey wall. Use a matt black wood varnish to achieve a subtle effect.
If you want your wall design to be more eye-catching, the semi-gloss varnish isparticularly suitable.

What can I combine black with?

Depending on your interior design style, you have all kinds of options when it comes to decorating in black. As black is a colour shade that provides a background for everything else, you are spoilt for choice here.
If your interior style is sophisticated, you can optfor decorative items in gold or metallic tones.
Natural materials form an interesting contrast to a black accent wall, while decorations and pictures in geometric shapes are enhanced by black to create a minimalist effect.
Industrial-style metal complements a room painted with matt black wall paint perfectly.

What colours can I order from MissPompadour Paint?

If you want to design your home in black, you can choose between

  • black varnish in a satin or matt finish for your furniture, stairs or metal surfaces
  • black wall paint
black wall paint. This means you can find the right colour quality for your black project for all areas of application at MissPompadour

Colours in black

At MissPompadour Paints you will find the following black colours:
  • The wonderfully matt and ecological wall paint The Valuable Wall Paint from MissPompadour is available in many black colour shades.
  • If you are looking for an indestructible wall paint that will stay beautifully black for a long time, even in stairwells, corridors or other heavily used rooms, you should choose our The Functional Wall Paint. It is completely washable and extremely robust.
For a matt black wall paint, we recommend The Valuable Wall Paint. We also have black, slightly glossy wall paint. Choose The Functional Wall Paint for a subtle sheen. If you ever get tired of your black wall, you can simply paint over the black wall paint. Simply use a different colour shade from our diverse colour scheme.

varnishes in black

In addition to walls, furniture, tiles and decorative elements in black are a real eye-catcher. There are varnishes for this, which you can use in different versions - depending on the effect you want to achieve.


If you want to freshen up a piece of furniture with matt black-black wood varnish, the matt varnish quality Matt Varnish from MissPompadour is the right choice for you.
If you are looking for a more robust variant, you should choose Eggshell Varnish from MissPompadour. With this quality, you can also give your window frames a new look. You can finddetailed information on the best way to do this in our magazine on painting window frames.

Order wall and chalk paint in black online at MissPompadour

Once you have chosen your favourite black, simply order it to your home. We ship within a few days with DHL GoGreen so that you can use the sustainable wall paints and velvety matt chalk paints as quickly as possible. If you need help choosing the right colour shade or the most suitable quality, our free customer service is of course there for you.