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What shades of red are there?

The red colour scheme ranges from Bordeaux and wine red to dark red, cherry red and light red. Depending on which living area you want to design and the effect you want to achieve, a warm or cool red is the right choice. You can find all colour shades in our shop so that you can start your red project straight away.

What shades of red are there?

If you consider light shades of red, you will quickly end up with red tones that are mixed with other colours and where red is therefore not necessarily in the foreground. These include
  • MissPompadour Red with Coral
  • MissPompadour Red with Raspberry
Both are subtle colour shades that can be used as pleasant accent colours in many rooms, such as the bedroom or living room, without taking centre stage
Strong, warm red tones create a cosy, stimulating and inviting atmosphere. They are suitable for the design of your dining room, for example. A typical representative here is Red with Chilli from MissPompadour, which belongs to the warm spice tones. Clear and almost pure red tones are reminiscent of summer and Swedish cottages. These include Red with Sweden and Red with Cherry from MissPompadour

Here is an overview of our favourites:
  • MissPompadour Red with Chilli
  • MissPompadour Red with Sweden
  • Red with Cher ry from MissPompadour
Darker and almost mystical in appearance are wine-red tones that are tinted with blue and violet. Red with Merlot from our range is a fantastic example of this.

What effect does red have as a wall paint?

A wall paint in red tones has different effects depending on its composition: first and foremost, red has a stimulating effect. It also gives positive energy, exudes a lot of energy and can not only stimulate the appetite, but also have a cheeky effect. If you want to energise your rooms and feel vitality when you live in them, then red accents are the ideal solution for you.

Which rooms are suitable for red walls?

Due to its appetising effect, the red colour scheme is ideal for use in the dining room or in your red kitchen. You can decide whether you want to use wall paint in red tones or whether you want to paint your country kitchen in red. In both cases, the effect will definitely be stunning. Or maybe it's just the backsplash that you want to use to add red accents to your anthracite-coloured kitchen furniture. This is also an ideal solution to freshen up your rooms
Red wall paint looks sensual and warm in the bedroom. An accent wall painted in wine red gives your cosy retreat an inviting and mysterious atmosphere. Red can also contribute to your well-being in the living room in the right mixture and dosage. Use a dark, warm wine red in these living rooms, which has a rather muted effect to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Tips for the trend colour red

As you might think of a specific red colour when you think of red, it's worth taking a look at our wide range of red shades. You'll find that there are great uses for red in your home too. Especially as an accent, red in its various shades can bring your living spaces to life.

Living styles and trends in red tones

Red wood colour for outdoors is an absolute classic. In the style of the Swedish cottages, you are sure to be right with red wood paint for your garden shed. Swedish red is also a great colour for Scandinavian-styleinteriors in almost all rooms. However, you must be careful to use the red sparingly here. In combination with wall paint in earth tones, the red complements each other wonderfully and is never overpowering.

If you want to bring oriental and Asian elements into your living style, you're in the right place with rich and clear red tones. Here, red complements black with Black and clean lines perfectly. For the Asian style, you can use the glossy quality of varnishesn. If your heart beats more for the oriental style, the warm spice tones are the right colour nuance for you
If the retro style of the 50s and 60s is one of your sources of inspiration, go for clear red tones. Paired with white or grey-grey wall paint, your living style will take you straight back to the swinging sixties.

Which colour shades go with red?

Red is a real jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the many possible combinations. The question of what you combine red with depends on the effect and mood you want to achieve with it.
Of course, all shades of white and natural colours go perfectly with red. Ideally, you should make sure that the neutral tone contains red elements. This will give you a harmonious overall result.
Light red tones look warm, summery and close to nature with earth tones. Red has a similar effect with shades of green. An accent wall painted with burgundy or wine-red wallpaper colour brings out the best in a sage-green chest of drawers.

Shades of grey, whether light or dark, form a fascinating combination with red. Mouse grey gives red a particularly intense glow, while a dark grey takes the edge off the red. Against a dark grey background, the red has a muted yet bright effect. This is an extraordinary colour combination for relaxed and stylish living.
A classic colour combination is red with blue. The warm-cool combination is enormously expressive and makes both colours appear much more striking. A light blue or aqua blue wall with a deep red sofa in front of it creates a surprising constellation that is sure to be a highlight in your home
Last but not least, you can also combine red with pastel colours. This combination even allows you to use red in the children's room. Have you ever thought about combining red with pink? You'll be amazed at how wonderfully these shades harmonise with each other.

What can I combine the red colour scheme with in style?

The materials you can combine with red are just as varied as the shades of red themselves. If you use Swedish red for the Scandi style, natural woods look aesthetically pleasing. This style is ideally complemented by cosy cushions and blankets, candles and fur rugs.
The combination of antique furniture made of dark wood and red walls looks particularly elegant. This is because a bold shade of red can give antiques a contemporary look.
If you use red in a more glamorous way, gold accents and velvet and silk accessories will suityour furnishing style. Baroque-style picture frames really come into their own on a red wall in your living space and emphasise the sophisticated mood.
Graphic patterns and furniture with clean lines go well with the retro style.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour?

At MissPompadour, you can get every colour shade in all colour qualities, so that you get the right colour quality for all areas of application

Wall paints in red for your interiors

For a wall in red, you can choose between The Valuable Wall Paint and The Functional Wall Paint from MissPompadour. The Valuable Wall Paint is our odourless, sustainable wall paint that is low in solvents and does not splatter or drip. The Functional Wall Paint is extremely impact resistant and wipeable. This quality was developed for demanding applications where the paint has to withstand a lot, i.e. stairwells, corridors, workshops or practice rooms.

Varnishes in red: for wood, metal and plastic

In addition to the wall paints, there are also wood colours in red. But it's not just wood that you can paintwith our red varnishes. Metal, tiles and plastic can also be redesigned and refreshed with the varnishes.

Gloss levels and different qualities

You can choose between different gloss levels for the varnishes. You can find semi-gloss varnishes in the Eggshell Varnishquality from MissPompadour.
They are suitable for all areas where the colour has to withstand a lot. So tiles, kitchen furniture or doors. Even if you simply like the silky matt look, this is the right quality for you

If you prefer a matt look and would like to wax your furniture after painting, the matt varnishes are your choice.

Here you can find
  • MissPompadour Matt Varnish
  • CosyColours chalk varnish
  • LittlePomp chalk varnish

Order red wall and chalk paint online at MissPompadour

You can choose between many payment methods: PayPal, prepayment or credit card are just three of many options. We ship your paint quickly after your order with DHL GoGreen and also attach great importance to the reuse of materials in the packaging and do not use plastic. If you are unsure about your colour choice, our great colour cards and free advice are guaranteed tohelp you . We are also there for you at all times during your project. This means you are completely covered throughout the entire process if you have any questions or need help. So nothing stands in the way of you living in red!