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You still need products to paint your windows? In our product set you will find everything you need!

You want to spruce up the inside and outside of your house or flat? Painting the window frames is one of the easiest ways to do it. Bring a new style into your home with paint! We show you how to paint wooden windows quickly and easily.

Windows are like eyes. You look into the world with them. They can smile at you. But they can also make a sad impression. Especially if you have neglected them. Make them smile again!
With fresh paint, the rooms and the façade of your house will become friendlier, more inviting and cosier in no time. The painted windows themselves will also thank you. They last longer and insulate better. That's how you save money.
In this "How to" we will focus on how to sand and paint wooden windows. You can find out how to paint plastic window frames in a separate tutorial. And while you're at it - why not paint the front door too? You can find The Valuable Wall Paint tips here
Just like plastic windows, you can also paint plastic chairs, tables and other home accessories. We explain how to do this in "How to paint plastic surfaces".

Ideas for painting window frames from the MissPompadour painting community

Frames made of dark natural wood are more something from the 1970s and 1980s. Today it has a visual heaviness. It looks much lighter and still classic if you paint the windows white. But painting wooden windows white on the inside is only one of many options. A classy Black with Velvet goes perfectly with the industrial style. In the bathroom, a subtle shade of blue like MissPompadour Blue with Cloud looks good. A nostalgic shabby look goes well with the country house style. With different colour shades for the window frames, you can set different mood accents in the living room than in the bedroom or kitchen.

But feel free to play with the colours on the outside too. Here you can also paint brown wooden windows white. A dark blue like Blue with Night instead of neutral white, a soft Green with Ocean from MissPompadour instead of natural wood will give your house a whole new look. So go ahead and give your façade a makeover!

Professional tip: Repainting windows is not just a frame job
paint the window sill at the same time. In the same tone or in a complementary colour. Or how about an oiled natural wood board. This immediately creates more warmth and cosiness.

Preparation: How to choose the right paint for your wooden window

The paint you use is crucial for the quality of the coating. Windows are often exposed to moisture. Not only from fog, rain, snow and sleet from the outside. Water droplets also collect on the inside of windows due to condensation. Therefore, the chosen varnish should be as robust and waterproof as possible.

Are you painting the windows from the inside or the outside?

If you paint the windows from the outside, the paint should offer the highest possible protection against moisture. The varnish layer should completely cover the wood and must not show any damage. Moisture penetrates through cracks, soaks into the wood under the varnish and can no longer escape. In the worst case, the wood will rot under the varnish.
You can achieve good results with the water- and eco-based varnishMissPompadour Eggshell Varnish. It is ideal for painting the exterior of window frames. You can easily paint the wooden windows inside and outside with the same varnish quality. Our outdoor-ready, water-based varnishes are particularly environmentally friendly and do not smell unpleasant.

Professional tip: You can also use the varnishes mentioned for metal window frames. Beforehand, you should derust the metal frame if necessary and prime it with To Block from MissPompadour.

What effect do you want to achieve?

Painting old wooden windows is not only pleasing to the eye. You also create an important protection. Decide for yourself which effects are important to you:
  • Opaque effect: Dark wooden frames sometimes release ingredients that react with the paint. When varnishing with light colours, this leads to unsightly, yellowish discolouration. To prevent this bleeding, prime with To Block - MissPompadour Stainblock. If you use dark colours, this step is not absolutely necessary.
  • Matte effect: The matte varnishes are less durable than the glossy ones. We therefore recommend that you do not use them for exterior painting.
  • Protective effect: The glossy and satin varnishes are the most durable and have the highest protective effect on the wood. Our satin matt MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish is best suited.

Paint windows professionally: Instructions by MissPompadour

Step 1: Sanding

If the old paint is flaking off, sand the windows with sandpaper or a sanding pad until you get an even surface. If the old varnish is still intact, you can paint the windows without sanding them.

Step 2: Cleaning

As with all painting jobs, first clean the window frames thoroughly. The first choice is To Clean from MissPompadour. This powerful cleaner is free of harmful chemicals. It not only removes dirt and dust, but also degreases the wood thoroughly. This is important so that the paint adheres well.

Step 3: Masking off

Now carefully tape the glass of the windows, handles and seals. Our practical adhesive tape sticks with natural rubber. This reliably prevents paint from running under the tape. It also adheres securely to very smooth surfaces and can be removed easily at the end.

Step 4: Priming

If you want to paint dark frames such as mahogany windows, we always recommend priming with a stain block. With this light primer you create the perfect base if you want to paint the windows white - or with other light varnishes. The easiest way to do this is with To Block from MissPompadour.

Step 5: Varnish

Now you can repaint the windows with the varnish of your choice. Allow the paint to dry for four to six hours. Then you can apply the second coat and, if necessary, more.
Professional tip: If you want to paint wooden skylights, apply the paint on the inside as thinly as possible and preferably more often. Too much paint on the brush or roller will drip down immediately.

Step 6: Remove tape

It is best to remove the tape before the varnish has dried. If you miss this point, you can cut the elastic varnish film with a sharp cutter.
Professional tip: Place the ruler on the edge of the tape and cut along the ruler with the cutter knife. This will give you a clear edge.

Step 7: Allow to cure

The varnish must cure well after you have repainted the wooden windows. This can take a few days. It is best to leave the window slightly open during this time. If this is not possible, you can also dust the window rebate with a little baby powder. Then the window frame will not stick when you close it.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about painting windows

Drying time: How long should I let the window frames dry?

The varnish is dry after four to six hours. However, you should leave it to cure for several days after applying all layers of varnish - preferably with the window slightly open.

How often do windows need to be painted from the outside?

The weather, the type of wood and also the quality of the varnish have a decisive influence on how often you have to paint wooden windows. As a rule of thumb, you can use 5 years. If in doubt, it is better to varnish the window frames too early than too late.

These are the accessories you need for painting the old windows

  • varnish roller: Narrow varnish rollers are ideal for window frames. They give you a nice even coat of paint.
  • Brush: You can also achieve good results when painting windows with the MissPompadour brush in 25 mm width.
  • Sanding Pad: For sanding you need medium grit sandpaper or the MissPompadour Sanding Pad To Sand. It is gentle on the wood of your window frames and effectively removes old varnish or stain residues.

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