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With our magnetic and blackboard paint, you can beautify your home in a very special way and make surfaces even more useful. Best of all: you have a free choice of colours! The magnet paint is a primer, the blackboard paint a transparent topcoat. This means you can design the surface in the colour of your choice and boring black or green pinboards and whiteboards are a thing of the past.

Blackboard and magnet paint: ideas for every room

There are no limits to your imagination - use blackboard paint and magnetic paint wherever you see fit. Perhaps you could combine the two and paint a magnetic blackboard wall?

Magnet paint: Practical and personalised

Use magnet paint to create a photo wall in the living room, because you can attach paper with neodymium magnets. This avoids nail and drill holes as well as unsightly adhesive marks from poster glue. In the office, you can create an invisible magnetic board with our magnet paint - so you can keep your office style, but still use a wall or your office cupboard as a pinboard if necessary. But magnet paint is also a brilliant support on doors and other vertical surfaces. Spread it on your kitchen fronts before the actual coat of paint. This turns them into a magnetic surface on which you can easily hang shopping lists, recipes and other information.

Use the magnetic paint for ideas in the children's room to attach notes and, of course, children's drawings without having to attach them with adhesive tape. The area above the desk can be wonderfully converted into a pinboard without drilling, where you can attach timetables, homework and other important plans

Blackboard wall for creativity - not just in the children's room

The children's room is often the first room that springs to mind when it comes to the blackboard. Of course, as this is often where the most creative work is done. Simply use our blackboard paint in the children's room, which allows your children to officially draw on the walls with colourful chalk. You no longer need a black or green surface for this, as our blackboard paint is transparent. Simply paint the blackboard paint directly onto the wall or over your child's favourite wall colour. This allows you to create your very own blackboard wall in the children's room, where you can determine the size yourself without measuring and cutting. You can also create a chalkboard from the wardrobe and the door. Your child can let off steam on the blackboard with a wide variety of chalks and let their creativity run wild. When it's time for a new masterpiece, simply wipe off the old one with a damp cloth.

But of course you can also use blackboard paint in other areas. If you paint the inside of the front door with blackboard paint, you can ensure that important messages are read before leaving the house. In the kitchen, you always have the shopping list in front of you. As you can see, there are many possibilities!

Pro tip: We do not recommend chalk markers for blackboard paint, as they are difficult to wipe off and may not be completely removable without leaving any residue. Use normal chalk instead. These are also available in different colours

Create colourful magnetic and blackboard paint: Simply paint over with chalk paint or wall paint

Our magnet paint is incredibly practical - there's no denying that. If you like the classic, dark grey look, you can simply paint your surface with magnet paint and you're done. If you want to give your surface a different colour or give the wall a uniform look, that's no problem - you can simply paint over the magnet paint with our highly opaque wall paints and varnishes! It is best to leave the magnetic primer to dry overnight after you have applied 3-4 coats. Then paint this surface. You can either colour the magnetic area or paint it tone-in-tone with the rest. Incidentally, it makes no difference whether your wall is plastered or you want to paint your wallpaper with magnet paint.

The blackboard paint is a colourless coat that is applied on top of your coloured paint. If you are using a dark or intense colour, add a dash of your base colour to the blackboard paint to prevent streaks from forming.

Ideas from the MissPompadour paint community

With our magnet paint and our chalkboard paint, you have complete creative freedom. No matter in which room, you can create a customised blackboard or memo board that won't stand out at all. Many members of our prank community have already worked with magnet and blackboard paint - be inspired by their results!

Paint with magnetic paint: Instructions from MissPompadour

It's child's play to paint a magnetic wall yourself. We've put together the exact instructions and what else you need to consider here.

Step 1: Prepare the substrate

Prepare the surface for your project. If you are painting a freshly plastered wall, a primer such as To Prime Walls may be a good idea. If you are painting a piece of furniture, remove the handles beforehand.

Step 2: Cleaning

Dust off your workpiece thoroughly. Wipe down surfaces that have been exposed to a lot of dirt with a cleaner such as MissPompadour To Cleaner and a cloth. If you are painting furniture, degrease and remove dust from the surface carefully. Then wipe with clean water and allow the surfaces to dry. If you are painting smooth or highly absorbent surfaces, use a primer before painting.

Step 3: Apply magnet paint

Stir the magnet paint very well with a stirring rod. This is important so that the iron filings are well distributed. Then apply the magnetic paint to your desired surface using the roller or brush. Our varnish roller for water-based varnishes is ideal for this. The environmentally friendly MissPompadour brushes are also perfect for applying the magnetic paint. For a good magnetic effect, we recommend 2 - 3 coats of at least 100 ml of magnet paint per 1 m2. Surface. Wait 4 - 6 hours between coats. After 24 hours, you can paint over the magnetic surface with the colour of your choice.

Step 4: Paint the colour of your choice

Now paint over the magnet paint with the colour shade of your choice. Use our wall paints for walls. Choose between MissPompadour The Valuable Wall Paint, MissPompadour The Functional Wall Paint and our LittlePomp chalk paint. For furniture, you can choose between the satin Eggshell Varnish and the matte Matt Varnish from MissPompadour and the LittlePomp chalk varnish.

Tip: Use strong magnets on your magnetic board. Neodymium magnets are best suited.

Video: Blackboard and magnet paint from MissPompadour

To Paint with blackboard paint

With the transparent MissPompadour blackboard paint, you can turn any surface into a blackboard, in any colour. Read here how to do it.

Step 1: Prepare the surface

Thoroughly clean the surfaces you want to paint. If you wish, paint the surface in the colour of your choice and leave it to dry overnight

Step 2: Apply blackboard paint

Now paint your wall once or twice with blackboard paint. Wait approx. 6 hours after the first coat if you want to apply a second one. Proceed in the same way for a piece of furniture. You can either do this with a brush, such as our fine MissPompadour brush, or with a paint roller. The varnish roller is well suited for water-based varnishes. After 48 hours, your chalkboard surface is ready for writing on.

Pro tip: If you are repainting the colour surface in a dark or intense colour, add a small dash of the base colour to the blackboard paint. This will prevent the blackboard paint from streaking.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about magnetic and blackboard paint

Even painters who paint frequently rarely work with magnetic wall paint. So there are still a few questions that arise, which we will answer in this section. You are also welcome to contact our customer service team!

How does magnetic wall paint work?

Magnetic wall paint is a simple yet exceptionally practical concept. It is a wall emulsion to which metal pigments are added so that magnets stick to it. The chips are also what give the magnetic paint its dark grey colour. This is why it is only available in one version - magnet paint in transparent or colourless is not possible due to the iron particles. But don't worry! Simply paint over the magnetic paint with wall paint or varnish. You won't have to search in vain for magnet paint in white.

Can I paint over magnet paint with wall paint?

The answer is a resounding yes. Magnet paint is designed to be painted over afterwards. By painting over the magnet paint again, you create a surface with "magnetic wall or chalk paint" in the colour of your choice.

How to use magnet paint?

Paint magnetic paint on the surface to which you want to attach paper with magnets. This can be walls, doors and furniture. The paint even works on tiles. To achieve an even magnetic effect, it is important that the surfaces are smooth.

Can I paint magnet paint on furniture?

Yes, as long as the surface can be painted. A roughened surface is ideal so that the magnet paint finds a good grip. You can even use it to turn boring IKEA furniture into practical magnetic walls.

Is magnet paint washable?

Because it is designed to be painted over, magnet paint is not washable. Friction causes the metal pigments to dissolve and crumble.

On which surface can I apply magnet paint?

Apply our magnet paint to all load-bearing surfaces. Walls are particularly suitable, but wood, veneer and plastic also benefit from the paint. Anything that you can normally paint with our paints and varnishes can be painted over with magnet paint. You can also paint magnet paint on tiles. Use the primer first and then paint over the magnet paint. However, be aware that the magnetic force may be limited by the height differences caused by the joints.

We only advise against metal - this usually already has the magnetic effect

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