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Paint Tripp Trapp

In Painting - How-To · 4 min reading time

Turn old into new

Tripp Trapp has been a popular brand for decades for good reason: this stair chair is practical and grows with your child - plus it's solid and durable. But at some point you can tell that every Tripp Trapp has been used by children every day, who spill food on it, scratch it with cutlery or stick stickers on it. Throw it away and buy a new one? Not with us! Here we explain how you can turn your used high chair into a chic one-off with our LittlePomp chalk varnish and a little time!

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Painting the Tripp Trapp: Step-by-Step

Step 1:

First clean the high chair thoroughly to free it from dirt, dust and especially grease. Use a gentle cleaner such as MissPompadour To Clean.

Step 2:

Now apply MissPompadour To Bond & Block to give your colour a better hold. Let the primer dry according to the instructions.

Step 3:

Touch up any small imperfections or screw holes with MissPompadour To Fill filler. Once dry, you can sand it a little smooth if necessary.

Step 4:

Now finally colour comes into play! We chose LittlePomp chalk v arnishes in the colour Rose & Unique. Let the first coat dry and then paint the Tripp Trapp again if necessary.

Step 5:

Lastly, you should apply a topcoat such as MissPompadour To Seal, as the Tripp Trapp will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear from climbing up and down. Again, wait the recommended drying time before your child uses it!

And your new Tripp Trapp is ready!

What you need for your project

  • Cleaner, water and rags
  • Possibly filler and putty, sandpaper
  • brush, Roller, paint tray
  • primer
  • chalk varnish
  • topcoat

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Colour to varnish your Tripp Trapps

Our LittlePomp chalk varnish is available in 15 great colours.

Your tools and accessories

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