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Many of our customers know this:
No sooner do they talk about their paint project than they hear many voices advising them against it. Has this happened to you too? Whether you want to beautify a piece of furniture or paint the walls of an entire room. Immediately, the so-called painting myths come into play as arguments. We will take a closer look at them here and check them out!

What is a myth anyway?

The term myth comes from the ancient Greek language. It stands for a story, a legendary tale or a fairy tale. A myth always claims to be the truth. But since the Enlightenment at the latest, most myths have been banished to where they belong: To the realm of fantasy. We are now doing the same with the myths that have arisen around painting.

Easy painting - without myths

You can easily paint without being taken in by all the painting myths. Now you can find out why you no longer have to believe these fairy tales.

Painting Myth #1: Always sand before you Paint

No varnish will last without sanding - or so they say. But can varnish last without sanding?
If a piece of furniture has an intact surface, you don't have to sand it. You can simply paint over a natural wood surface. The only exception is that you may have to apply a primer beforehand.
If your wood surface is stained wood or oak and similar woods that release resins, apply a thin coat of stainblock To Block.
If your workpiece has an intact varnish, you do not need to sand it, but simply apply the new varnish layer. Only if the old varnish is damagedand flaking off do you have to sand off the loose parts. You do not need to sand particularly smooth surfaces such as plastic veneer. Instead, prime with a thin layer ofTo Bond. Your paint will adhere perfectly to this.

Painting Myth #2: Before painting you need an aggressive cleaner

Chlorine, alcohol or lye - you can't get the surface clean without a strong cleaner! Or will you?
It is true that you have to clean the surface carefully before painting. Dust, fine dirt particles and grease prevent your paint from adhering.
However, we strongly recommend that you do not use an aggressive cleaner. It does not make sense to paint with environmentally friendly paint that is not harmful to health if you have used a chemical to clean it beforehand. It has even happened that an overly aggressive cleaner has damaged the subsequent paint.
Clean all surfaces with our mild but effective To Clean. It removes dirt and grease without damaging the paint. Rinse with clean water afterwards. Now you can work with the paint or primer.

Painting myth #3: On large surfaces you will definitely see brush strokes

If you paint varnishes with a brush, will the brush leave marks? This doesn't have to be the case, but it is necessary to use the correct brush for your colour.
Brushes made of synthetic hair are best suited for water-based varnishes, as you will find them in our shop.
With our brushes it is no problem to evenly paint large areas. These brushes are made of such fine synthetic hair that they leave no visible marks. So if you prefer to work with a brush instead of a varnish roller, reach for this perfect tool. With its angled cutting edge, you can easily reach all corners and angles.

Painting myth #4: Paint is not durable or washable without a sealer

varnishes only last with an additional protective layer and only withstand cleaning this way? Not true! All MissPompadour Paints are extremely durable and washable.
The matt qualities are slightly less resistant than the stable varnish Eggshell Varnish or the washable wall paint The Functional Wall Paint.
However, our To Seal protects against higher mechanical stress, should you still want extra protection. It is suitable for floors, stairs, tiles and kitchen furniture.

Painting Myth 5: You can immediately see that something is self-painted

We have already debunked the myth about brush strokes. But what about this one? Can you really always tell that you've painted your furniture yourself?
If you work with our varnishesn, you will get a perfect result. Just look at the many results our customers have uploaded! Many of them don't look like they were actually painted at home. They look absolutely professional. See for yourself with our many customer photos.

Painting myth #6: Paint does not adhere to smooth surfaces such as tiles, metal, glass or plastic

Smooth surfaces don't accept varnish - but is that really true? Even surfaces that look slick at first glance can be painted.
Provided you prepare them accordingly. In this case, we recommend priming with To Bond. This primer ensures that the paint adheres perfectly to even the smoothest surfaces.
If the surface is not subject to heavy wear, a coat of the stable Eggshell Varnish is sufficient.

Paint myth #7: I can scrape the varnish off, so it won't hold

This myth - or rather the experience of many impatient stringers - is lived more often than it needs to be. Especially the impatient among you know this experience.
You have painted, do the scratch test after 4 hours and the varnish finds its way under your nail.
Then comes the panic. Now it's time to take a deep breath. Because it's not as bad as it looks. Our water-based varnishes continue to harden. Although they already look dry on the outside, the bottom layer has not yet bonded with your workpiece. Although the varnishes can be painted over after 4 hours, they are only hard-wearing after about 14 days. In the industry, the durability is even tested after 30 days, only then are the colours considered to be hardened.
This applies to both varnishes and wall paints. So don 't let the scratch test discourage you! After all, you don't take the cake out of the oven after just five minutes.

Painting myths #8: You can't paint in the living room because the paint stinks

varnishes stink - that's true. But does that also apply to our varnishes and paints? No!
Because all MissPompadour Paints are VOC-free. This means that they do not emit any volatile compounds into the environment. That is why they do not smell intensely. Of course, smells are perceived differently, which is why we can never say that the varnishes do not smell at all.
Unlike conventional paints, however, you can use them indoors without any problems, even in bedrooms and children's rooms.

Painting Myth #9: Walls are rarely painted

If a wall has been painted several months ago, there is no need to paint it again as long as the colour is okay. That is the general assumption. But what if you no longer like the colour from spring in autumn?
This myth is no reason not to spruce up your home! Just move your furniture off the wall, tape it down a bit and you're ready to paint again. As our wall paints hardly splatter, your furniture can stay in the room.
You only need a cover in case of an emergency, so repaint your walls as often as you like !

Herewith the most important paint myths are refuted

The eternal repetition of these "paint myths" does not make them any truer, because they actually belong to the realm of fantasy.
Don't let stories like these dissuade you from your DIY ideas and stifle your creativity! If you're ever unsure, our competent and friendly customer service team is always happy to help.